4 Tips For Creating A Great Digital Presence For Your eCommerce Store

Because the primary medium for eCommerce stores to market is online, being competitive can be tough. Not only do have to go against huge marketing budgets but also teams with a lot more resources than you. However, with the right strategy, you can not only compete, but strive ahead to locking down more sales. Here’s how:


Focus On Branding


Before you can start getting your name out there online, one of the first steps you need to take is with assessing your brand and seeing if it conveys what it needs to for others. While this might sound like overkill, you’d be surprised the number of business owners that missed the mark due to being stubborn over poor branding they developed. And while it might be tough to admit, coming up with a quality brand is tough, and should be left to those that have the most expertise over it.


Branding is a mix of half-storytelling, half science. In fact, color increases brand recognition by 80 percent, which goes to show how much that chemistry influences what we think of a logo or branding kit. Take your time in assessing the overall personality and image you’re trying to convey with your brand, as this is one aspect you want to get right. After all, your brand is going to be the primary foundation to why people gravitate towards you or not, and is something you should have a gut feeling of being right in putting out to the entire world before anything else.


Get Social


Once you’ve established who you are as a brand, it’s time to get social with both your customers and other brands. Although you may have had some experience with social, utilizing it as a business is a completely different ball game. Because when it comes to garnering customers, the name of the game is engagement, which takes quite a bit of legwork and effort.


With engagement, the biggest things you need to worry about is heightening how much more you’re on social- both in regards to posting as well as liking and commenting on other people’s work. Furthermore, this also deals with setting campaigns, which will utilize strategies like content calendars and hashtags. Concepts that might seem like overkill actually provide real results. For example, as noted by Sprout Social, adding a hashtag on Instagram increases engagement by 12.6 percent, and while practices like this weren’t as prevalent in your personal use, they’re crucial as a business. Truly dive into how you can be more social on social media with your business, as this is one element you don’t want to miss.


SEO Is A Must


Another important digital marketing aspect you should learn to get the hang of is SEO. Although most of us consider SEO something that’s somewhat complicated in regards to gaming search engines, the practice is simpler than you might assume. As noted by Search Engine Journal, with 93 percent of online experiences beginning with search, this is an obvious choice to tackle in regards to audience size, however, will require quite a bit of intuition.


With SEO, the big thing you need to worry about is how niche your business is, as well as how people will find it during a search. For example, if I’m an eCommerce store that specializes in used men’s wear, then highlighting on brands like “used Polo shirts” or “used Brook’s Brother” could be good specialties to explore. The more creative you can get with the specialty, the better, as that’s one of the most crucial elements to getting a solid lead on SEO for growth and development.


Content Is Still King


Finally, although it might be something you’ve heard a hundred times before, content, by far, remains king for many marketers. Yes, even for eCommerce having a great lookbook on your blog or consistently producing things for social is going to be crucial to your future success. And as someone that sells products, the visual nature of the industry lends itself to you gaining much more out of your efforts long-term.


Create a calendar of the type of content you’re looking to produce, especially how it ties into your capacity. The more visual content you can produce, the better because as noted by the Content Marketing Institute, with the average median time someone spends on a blog is 37 seconds, which goes to show where visuals can win. Try to focus on making a wide variation of what you can bring on to your content, as this will be a crucial element to producing consistently.


What are you most excited about in increasing your digital presence? Comment with your answers below!

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How To Prevent Errors From Messing Up Your Posters

Slip ups are what makes an otherwise great poster printing into something that you are not satisfied with. What is worse, even if you are frustrated with the end result, you still have to pay for it because your poster printing company have also invested much to finish the job.

The earlier you detect the errors and correct them then can go a long way in getting you the right print ad for your marketing needs. So do not let the slip ups keep you from achieving the goals you have set out to do. Correct the problem even before they become irreparable and you will definitely have a poster printing that can help you gain clients for your business.

Too many details along with a strong background.
A huge amount of details next to a multi-patterned background can spell disaster to your poster printing. It would create clutter among your elements, and each one would be vying for the attention of your target readers.

To correct the problem, make sure that you provide a contrast among the elements ? those that are well-defined as against the solid graphics and patterns. Your use of color should also be subtle enough so you would not have your elements at odds with each other.

This brings us to the second error:

Too many colors.
Putting color into your design helps to attract your target clients to your print ad. Bright colors for that matter can add fun and excitement to an otherwise drab poster. Nevertheless, too much of it can only create clutter to your design. It can also leave your target readers so distracted that they confuse your colors with that of your message.

To solve this problem, you need to de-clutter your design and provide subtle colors to your print ad. Use a color wheel to help you work on different shades. Utilize different combinations that complement instead of distract your target readers to your message. It will also keep your elements together as opposed to having them scattered all over your custom poster.

Scattered ideas.
As I have said, too many details make your print ad look busy and scattered. It can only result to one thing ? your message gets lost in all that clutter.

To eliminate this problem, provide white space in your ad. White space is there for a reason. They help eliminate the strain of looking at too many elements all at the same time. It also provides your readers the chance to breathe in between your elements.

In addition, you can also ask your poster printing company for a template which you can use for your marketing needs. Templates can get you organized and focus on the most important element in your ad ? your message.

The point: An ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure. Always remember that you cannot prevent disasters from happening. But you can definitely lessen the strain of having a failed print poster when you correct the errors early on.

Showcase Your Hats With Hat Display Fixtures

This article will discuss five major ways on how to exhibit your hats and caps properly promising that you trade your hats in no time. There are a variety of factors that one needs to regard in arranging the area of the inner retail space, especially if the present space is not large to start with. Getting the right cap displays and determining the right position for these hat display fixtures will one way or another affect the success of your cap business.

Easy Access to customers. It can be really convenient for your customers if your custom cap display fixtures could be easily seen. Cap display stands should be in a location where clients often move past. Precise positioning of your exhibit racks is one of the key strategies in pulling up your margins. In doing so, these are likely to make your caps or hats be rather prominent if they are placed in cap display stands and can be easily tried on by the customer. Space management is often a challenge when it comes to determining the appropriate position for your display racks. Planning on where to place these racks is crucial. For you, as a merchandiser, you would certainly want to optimize budget and minimize other unwanted costs. These racks need to be strategically placed in areas and in a manner that they will not look crowded. Remember, the key here is to attract more customers. And crowded display racks are one big turn-off. They are so definitely not conducive to consumer spending.

Arrange the caps in accordance to the type of target clients. Hats can be fairly lined up according to age, gender, application, whether these are for activities or for fashion. Kids hats presented in custom hat fixtures can be grouped together in an area near by the kids’ dresses.

Place a mirror near these cap display stands. The clients would wish to see their reflection and confirm if the cap suits them and include a cap or more to their purchase. The mirror could be placed on top of your display racks, ideally in the centre or depending upon your creative taste when it comes to arranging products on shelves and racks.

Discounts. Placing a sign displaying discounts on hat display fixtures is still effective in drawing customer’s interest. Discounts one way or another dictate the way the customer behaves. While these discount tags are strategically placed on your custom hat fixtures, they are going to be so favorable for spending and that customers might want to add these hats in their purchase

Put posters of celebrities near custom hat fixtures. This is the merchandising strategy that can be translated to greater market returns of profit margins. This is to retain a long lasting memory to the client as soon as they purchase the hats exhibited on your racks. This is what you call receptivity. Posters improve your product line. Anything which goes with a pleasurable and efficient representation of something like a famous celebrity donning the exact same brand exhibited on your racks can make the product more appealing.

The Best Online Paid Surveys That Pay You For Your Opinions

Online paid survey is a great avenue for those who want to earn extra cash from home during their spare time. Hundreds of people are doing it. However, you do need to find those that actually pay you cash. Be careful of those fake ones lying around on the Internet.

How do you find the best online paid surveys that you can trust?

Well, you can use the search engines to find them but this is a very time-consuming method. You?ll be wasting time trying to find them instead of spending time filling out surveys and earn money. So this is not a good approach.

The more reliable way to find the best ones is through Paid Survey Directories. These are sites that provide you a long list of reliable companies that actually pay you for your opinions. They will charge you a small one-time fee but it?s well worth it because you?ll have full access to a long list of companies. These companies have also been pre-screened for their paying rates and reliable service.

These companies who pay people for filling out surveys online value their customer opinions and feedback. They use customer feedbacks to create better products in the future and hope to gain more market share. So, as you can see it?s a WIN-WIN proposition. You give them your opinions about their products or services, they pay you for your time.

We have searched through the Internet and tested many online paid surveys, most of them have low quality list of companies that you don?t want to associate with. They just want your personal information, they don?t pay you for your opinions.

But after tested many sites, we have managed to find 3 best online paid surveys that have reliable companies. They also update their databases on a regular basis, meaning that new companies are added periodically. So, you?ll never run out of surveys to fill.

Hope you find this article useful. See link below for the 3 best online paid surveys available on the Net right now!

Using Scratch Cards as Promotional Items

The history of scratch cardsIt was in the seventies that the original scratch card was created. An American organisation was responsible for the very first card, which was computer-generated, but it was not until the eighties that the idea was patented. Scratch cards are popularly used by lots of different organisations such as charitable firms and other businesses that use them as part of their promotional marketing campaign.

They do not necessarily need to be purchased. If you open a magazine you may find a scratch card that has been given away by a company to promote their products. Because they can be created using a PC they can be produced in large numbers and on demand. Although they can be used for promotional purposes, they are one of the most popular gaming products around the world such is the nature of their popularity. The basic idea that lies behind scratch cards is that 3 identical symbols should be scratched off and matched although some have become so advanced that they are similar to more complicated games such as monopoly, for instance.

What a typical scratch card looks and feels likeA scratch card is instantly recognisable. It is small and rectangular and usually very colourful and so quite attractive to the eye. A scratch panel will be found on the surface of the scratch card which can be removed with a coin or something similar to reveal the symbols that must be matched. The reason they are popular is because they are visually attractive and can produce a win without a great deal of effort. The rules can be written on the back so that the player is familiar with what is expected of them, and these should be written simply so that they are understandable. If you find that you have not won you can then go and see where the symbols were that would have allowed you to win.

Using scratch cards to promote your businessThere are some very reliable scratch card producers that will allow you to design your own game and scratch card panel which you can use to promote your company and draw interest to your product. You could even gear your scratch card to enable someone to win one of your products and get people talking about what it is you produce. You could give your scratch cards away through magazines or in newspapers or even as a fun game as part of a corporate gift bag. Scratch cards are long established but are an original idea that you can use to promote your business and raise your company’s profile significantly.

The Right Choice Of Color For Your Collaterals

The right colors do make a difference not only in your merchandise but on your marketing collaterals as well. Color gives your brochure printing for one, the look of elegance and value. While the wrong color can make it look unappealing and tacky, too much or too little of it can make your marketing brochures definitely look cheap.

Studies have shown time and again that the human eye is conditioned to recognize colors that look like they do not belong in the group. So if you want your brochure printing collateral to be effective, a more subdued palette would work better than a flashier one. In addition, you must be able to provide one that reflects your core brand. This means that if you are into children?s items for example, marketing brochures that have pastel colors in it will indeed appeal to the younger audience and of course, to their parents.

Although it is better to know the importance of your choice of colors, it is another story to choose and use shades to your advantage. To have the best colors in your marketing brochures to emphasize your brand is vital if you want to be effective. Here are a few suggestions then to turn what you know into definite actions that would make your palette more effective than ever:

Determine your choice according to your brand.

The color menu of your choice reflects your brand identity. And it is not something that you can have right away. The best way to go about it is to have repeated rounds of testing in your brochure printing to ensure that you have the most appropriate palette that will work for your image. If you are a traditional company then subdued color backgrounds and silhouette shots of your stuff can do very well in featuring them in your brochures and catalog printing. On the other hand, a much younger competitor may use a color design that exudes an edgier and hip look in their background and photos.

It should be consistent with your message.

Do not be tempted to use color just because you know for a fact that it makes your collaterals look more attractive. It is one thing to choose your colors; and it is another to adhere to the principle even if your choice does not add to your collaterals? effectiveness. This just means that you cannot choose your color on a whim. If it does not emphasize your message, do not use your color. And if it makes your products fade instead of stand out, definitely, you should select another palette. The key is to establish your shades with the main purpose of your collaterals in mind ? to sell.

The importance of white space.

?White space? is crucial in directing the eye flow in your marketing brochures. The element ensures that each of your products gets its fair share of attention. The ideal balance to your marketing collaterals is to have strong content along with a great design and graphics. When you break up your information into small chunks, you allow your readers to easily digest and understand what you are trying to say. How you position your graphics is as important as the way you write your copy. Do not put too much and too many that your readers would have a hard time getting to your message.

Using your colors effectively can keep your brochure printing consistent and fresh. Your choice of palette ensures that you provide a brand identity that your readers will be able to connect with, and at the same time, provide them with something that they would feel excited every time they see your collaterals.

Does Squidoo Lens Creation Really Work?

Nowadays, if you have been reading the SEO news, you will notice that the term social bookmarking is one very common technique you might have heard so many times in the internet marketing world. These are the proven strategies people are using to drive traffic to their websites. Squidoo Lens Creation is one more, which is massively used in SEO these days. Squidoo is a fairly new company built-in 2005, but it?s already created huge changes in the way people do SEO. Now, it has become one of the more common ways in SEO services.

What Exactly the Squidoo Lenses Do?

The Squidoo site is all about sharing knowledge. The first people on the site used it as FAQ?s or DIY guides for a variety of things. Meanwhile, it?s your chance to show how much you (or at least the people writing for you) know about your niche. With a professional-looking Squidoo lens (a ?lens? being an individual page on Squidoo), you could make you and your company look like experts or the authority for your niche.

Now, imagine if you could combine that kind of promotion with links that point to your site. Remember, Squidoo is now one of the most popular sites on the Internet. It?s a killer combo that will attract both customers and better search engine rankings – if you make your lenses well enough, that is. It all boils down to the quality of the lenses that you upload to the site.

Creating Effective Squidoo Lenses

There?s no ?correct? or ?prescribed? formula for Squidoo lens creation; most of the SEO guys out there developed their methods through trial and error. It?d be a lot quicker and more practical if you were to just get the services of an established professional SEO company to create each lens for you. Not only will you save yourself the trouble of going through that trial and error process, but you?ll also make sure that your lenses will get made right, right away.

Most online marketing companies have their own system and methods for creating lenses for Squidoo. Each one has a unique blend of optimized content and other SEO techniques in order to give maximum results. You may want to use trial packages for two or three different service providers if you don?t have one of your own yet.

Don?t Just Rely On Lenses

A common mistake of many online marketers is to get Squidoo lenses and nothing else. If you?re going to work with a professional SEO company, ask them about their packages that combine Squidoo lens creation with other SEO services. Keep in mind that SEO works best when you integrate several techniques together into a cohesive strategy instead of using them one at a time.

You could, for example, get services to promote your own Squidoo lenses, which in turn promote your site. This little trick magnifies the effect of using the lenses alone, making for results that become visible quicker. The SEO Company you?ll work with will probably suggest some of their article marketing or link building services in conjunction with the lenses.

In the end, Squidoo lenses can be effective if used properly and done the right way. You could jack up the output from your lenses by using them with other SEO techniques. The best idea for using lenses would be to get a reliable SEO company that could integrate all those for you.

Handling Complaints

No company can avoid it completely. Eventually you?re going to have a customer come in who?s angry with you.

There simply isn?t a way to please everyone, but how you handle a customer who?s mad can do a lot to ease back any potential damage and improve your standing with them in the end.

The first steps are the most basic and can be done before that angry customer ever walks through your door. Creating a friendly office environment will do wonders to prevent any further hostility when a person first walks in. The simple gestures like printing greeting cards or other ways of acknowledging them says from the very beginning that you care about their business and the troubles they?re facing.

Make sure you listen to exactly what the complaint is based on the assumption that the customer is justified in being angry. Don?t jump to any conclusions until you?ve heard everything they have to say.

One of the most important things is to make sure that you don?t confront emotion with more emotion. Stay clam and collected and also be sure that you let them know that you care about the issue they?re bringing up. If you sound too cold and detached they?ll only become more agitated, and if you return their hostility with any of your own, the situation is going to get a lot worse.

Once the problem is known make sure you come up with effective solutions, no matter what the problem may be. If it?s something on your end, do your best to offer them different ways to make things right.

Make sure that you handle everything yourself from beginning to end. Nothing can annoy someone more than the feeling that they?re being passed around from one person to another. I?ve had to deal with it before just as I?m sure plenty of other people have and it isn?t a pleasant feeling. If they know that you?re going to get to the bottom of the issue they?ll be a lot more confident in your companies ability to handle complaints.

Once the initial meeting is over make sure that you follow up with the person. Using postcard printing in combination with postcard marketing to send a response directly to them letting them know that the issue has been taken care of will help coax them into coming back to do additional business with you.

The follow up is particularly important due to the opportunity it gives you. By using postcard marketing you?re taking a greater effort to show them that you care about their concerns, which will not only make them happy, but also give you a person willing to tell their friends about how effectively you handled the situation.

So long as you aren?t surprised when those complaints do pop up you?ll be in a much better position to answer them. If you go above and beyond by printing greeting cards and using postcard printing you?ll not only solve the problem, but gain a strong customer base at the same time.

Coffee Mugs As Event Promo Items

All year round, many companies have certain events or occasions that they observe. During such events, companies like to take advantage and reward their employees or gift their clients with promotional items. Coffee is one of those beverages that many people cannot do without and is very popular in workplaces and at home. Because coffee is very popular, coffee mugs are widely used and this makes them one of the most ideal items for promotional campaigns.

Coffee mugs can be used very effectively for promotion at events because of their versatility and durability. Coffee mugs are a great way to add color to your event and advertise your business and you can give them to your vendors in conferences, trade-shows and are promotional items that can be designed very quickly unlike other items. The advantage of promoting with coffee mugs is that this is a promotional item that will keep your company logo in front of your clients for a whole day every day of the working week.

Mugs are handy and functional and apart from the fact that they are used everyday, they are items that can easily be transported from place to place conveniently. Thus using them as event promo items is a great idea because of the above factors. They also come in a wide range of shapes and sizes and this makes them very suitable for any promotional event that a company might want to host. A company can use giveaway promotional coffee mugs to observe a specific occasion so that the guests will recall the event and the affiliation with the company will result in business for the company.

Giving away mugs at company event promos such as tradeshows, product launches, company corporate events and exhibitions is a great way to build a brand image. Such giveaway gifts will always create a positive impression in the minds of clients. This always gives any company leverage with present and future clients. While the cost of such promotional campaigns should never be a factor, they are actually not expensive and the fact that they are cost effective makes them much more viable for use in advertising and marketing a company.

Companies can take advantage of the wholesale prices available to purchase coffee mugs in bulk and cut costs further. This is because the cost of purchasing the coffee mugs and having them customized largely depends on the number of mugs you order, the quantity and how many colors you will use to get the coffee mugs customized to your liking. What is important is that you will not lack a price that fits your budget and whether you go for the more expensive brands or the cheaper brands, coffee mugs will serve you well as event promo items.

When you giveaway mugs at event promos, they serve as a symbolic souvenir of something precious that will not just be kept away after being it has been received as a gift. Instead it will go ahead and give your company lots of publicity and this will gradually but steadily build you’re the image of your brand because a coffee mug is an item that has to be used quite regularly. With your company name and logo on the coffee mug, when a customer picks it up at the event promo, it is not the end of acquaintances. It is in effect the beginning of a mutually beneficial business relationship that will last a long time because anytime the customer thinks about a business that you are engaged in, they will first think of you because the coffee mug is always in front of them.

What Is A Web Visitor Worth To You?

What is your ROI (Return on investment)?

What is the value of a website visitor in your online business? Determining your ROI for all your business expenses is critical. Whether you do business on or offline, things like your labor, your advertising, and your utility costs must be kept in line to remain profitable.

Determining the value of your website must also be scrutinized, and figuring out the value of a site visitor is another piece of the pie. How else will you know if you’re getting your moneys worth? If you do advertise in print, radio or TV, you likely have a method for tracking where your business comes from, but for your website alone, it’s fairly easy.

What is a “Conversion”?

Whatever your goal is for defining a web visitor as a success, then that’s the “conversion”. Define for yourself what the “conversion” is that you want to track. How you define that is up to you. If you want to call it a sale, great, that makes it easy. If a phone call or a completed email contact form is your goal, then that’s the “conversion”. There are some sites who’s only goal may be to get traffic, so you’re already done. Now you need to determine the rate at which those visitors are “converting”.

How do you determine the “Conversion Rate”?

Look at your website statistics program, (This assumes that all web-hosts now supply even the most basic free statistics program with your domain hosting) and get your UNIQUE VISITORS count for the month. Forget your page count, “hits”, or “page views” or any other stat. You want the UNIQUE VISITOR COUNT for the month. Then, you divide the number of conversions, by the UNIQUE VISITOR COUNT to get the conversion rate.

Once you know the following facts about your website to be true…
? 1000 unique visitors
? 200 contact forms
? 100 phone calls
? 30 sales of product
? Gross profit $1000
then each of these statistics below can stand on it’s own, and help you make profitable decisions.

If you have 30 people that bought your product, and had 1,000 unique visitors, then your “conversion rate” for visitors is 30 conversions, divided by 1,000 “unique visitors” , or 3 percent.

To take this further, if you receive 200 emails leading to the sale of 30 products, then your conversion rate for visitors to contact forms is 20% (200 emails, divided by 1000 unique visitors) and your conversion rate for contact forms to sales is 6.6% (200 contacts divided by 30 sales)

Likewise, If you got 100 phone calls, then the phone call conversion rate for visitors is 10%. (100 phone calls divided by 1000 unique visitors).

Therefore, if on those 100 phone calls you made 30 sales then the conversion rate for phone calls to sale is 3% (100 phone calls divided by 30 sales) making each phone call worth $10 ($1000 profit divided by 100 phone calls)

Now lets look at your month profit. If your gross profit was $9000, then you made $1000 profit. The end result of those 1000 unique visitors was 200 emails, 100 phone calls, and 30 sales. Therefore, you can make the following conclusions:

If you made $1000 profit from your website, with 1000 unique visitors, then each legitimate unique visitor you can get to your site is worth $1 each.

If on those 30 products sold, you made 1000$ profit, then every single one of the sales was worth $33 each. On those 200 email contacts generated, you made 30 sales, for a total of $1000 profit, so the value of each email contact form you got was worth $5.

Therefore, with all of the above now in evidence, you can participate in advertising program that generates contact forms for less than $5, or a web visitor for less than $1, you are getting a good ROI.

This is a bit over simplified, and any high dollar campaign should be analyzed much more thoroughly, but the essence of the formula doesn’t change. Once you know these core numbers, and you know what a web visitor is worth to your company, you can begin to make smart decisions about how you get them there.