Does Squidoo Lens Creation Really Work?

Nowadays, if you have been reading the SEO news, you will notice that the term social bookmarking is one very common technique you might have heard so many times in the internet marketing world. These are the proven strategies people are using to drive traffic to their websites. Squidoo Lens Creation is one more, which is massively used in SEO these days. Squidoo is a fairly new company built-in 2005, but it?s already created huge changes in the way people do SEO. Now, it has become one of the more common ways in SEO services.

What Exactly the Squidoo Lenses Do?

The Squidoo site is all about sharing knowledge. The first people on the site used it as FAQ?s or DIY guides for a variety of things. Meanwhile, it?s your chance to show how much you (or at least the people writing for you) know about your niche. With a professional-looking Squidoo lens (a ?lens? being an individual page on Squidoo), you could make you and your company look like experts or the authority for your niche.

Now, imagine if you could combine that kind of promotion with links that point to your site. Remember, Squidoo is now one of the most popular sites on the Internet. It?s a killer combo that will attract both customers and better search engine rankings – if you make your lenses well enough, that is. It all boils down to the quality of the lenses that you upload to the site.

Creating Effective Squidoo Lenses

There?s no ?correct? or ?prescribed? formula for Squidoo lens creation; most of the SEO guys out there developed their methods through trial and error. It?d be a lot quicker and more practical if you were to just get the services of an established professional SEO company to create each lens for you. Not only will you save yourself the trouble of going through that trial and error process, but you?ll also make sure that your lenses will get made right, right away.

Most online marketing companies have their own system and methods for creating lenses for Squidoo. Each one has a unique blend of optimized content and other SEO techniques in order to give maximum results. You may want to use trial packages for two or three different service providers if you don?t have one of your own yet.

Don?t Just Rely On Lenses

A common mistake of many online marketers is to get Squidoo lenses and nothing else. If you?re going to work with a professional SEO company, ask them about their packages that combine Squidoo lens creation with other SEO services. Keep in mind that SEO works best when you integrate several techniques together into a cohesive strategy instead of using them one at a time.

You could, for example, get services to promote your own Squidoo lenses, which in turn promote your site. This little trick magnifies the effect of using the lenses alone, making for results that become visible quicker. The SEO Company you?ll work with will probably suggest some of their article marketing or link building services in conjunction with the lenses.

In the end, Squidoo lenses can be effective if used properly and done the right way. You could jack up the output from your lenses by using them with other SEO techniques. The best idea for using lenses would be to get a reliable SEO company that could integrate all those for you.