Using Scratch Cards as Promotional Items

The history of scratch cardsIt was in the seventies that the original scratch card was created. An American organisation was responsible for the very first card, which was computer-generated, but it was not until the eighties that the idea was patented. Scratch cards are popularly used by lots of different organisations such as charitable firms and other businesses that use them as part of their promotional marketing campaign.

They do not necessarily need to be purchased. If you open a magazine you may find a scratch card that has been given away by a company to promote their products. Because they can be created using a PC they can be produced in large numbers and on demand. Although they can be used for promotional purposes, they are one of the most popular gaming products around the world such is the nature of their popularity. The basic idea that lies behind scratch cards is that 3 identical symbols should be scratched off and matched although some have become so advanced that they are similar to more complicated games such as monopoly, for instance.

What a typical scratch card looks and feels likeA scratch card is instantly recognisable. It is small and rectangular and usually very colourful and so quite attractive to the eye. A scratch panel will be found on the surface of the scratch card which can be removed with a coin or something similar to reveal the symbols that must be matched. The reason they are popular is because they are visually attractive and can produce a win without a great deal of effort. The rules can be written on the back so that the player is familiar with what is expected of them, and these should be written simply so that they are understandable. If you find that you have not won you can then go and see where the symbols were that would have allowed you to win.

Using scratch cards to promote your businessThere are some very reliable scratch card producers that will allow you to design your own game and scratch card panel which you can use to promote your company and draw interest to your product. You could even gear your scratch card to enable someone to win one of your products and get people talking about what it is you produce. You could give your scratch cards away through magazines or in newspapers or even as a fun game as part of a corporate gift bag. Scratch cards are long established but are an original idea that you can use to promote your business and raise your company’s profile significantly.