The New Trend in Promotional Strategies is Logo Imprinted Grocery Bags

The only purpose of the bags is not to carry the personal items of the shoppers, but also to promote the name of the store. Bags can do a very well promotional campaign for a store and they can also prove to be a very strong marketing strategy and can do wonders to attract and get hold of customers. We might not have given much thought to the grocery and some of us might not even know what the grocery bags of our grocery stores look like; even if we have been visiting these stores since years. But secretly these bags are performing some tasks which we as customers are not aware of but are very helpful in marketing techniques.

Custom grocery bags are the new trend in grocery stores and super markets and most of these are the tote which already look so trendy and once they are customized with nice logos and colors, they can be an attractive treat for the customers. These bags are mostly made to be used again and again and customers can bring back these bags the next time they come for their grocery shopping. And because the bag doesn’t say it can’t be used anywhere else, people always make use of them for their other chores. This is also attracting the customers and at the same time it is saving a lot of cost for the store. These are not so costly and when they are being bought or ordered in bulk, the per-unit cost automatically decreases. And these bags are reusable; the stores don’t have to give them away to every user. In order to avoid customers coming without their bags, stores can have policies such as the requirement for every customer to purchase the bag from the store if they don’t have the one which they were given the last time.

Custom grocery bags are also used for the purpose of large scale advertising. Imagine your customers carrying the bag with your store’s name and logos all around the market place and it is being seen by every passerby. This is one of the cheapest kinds of advertising that stores can go for as they will only have to pay for the cost of the bag and this will be a onetime cost. The benefits which these bags will bring be reaped for years to come or at least for as long as that bag is being carried around.

The most highlighted and attractive feature of these custom grocery bags is their friendliness with the environment and this is one thing which will make customers have a lot of positive reviews about your store and your image will be seen as strengthening. People usually relate to such causes very easily and for this message to be effective in terms of marketing, your customers don’t always have to be activists of some environment friendly organization. Everyone is eager to participate in something which according to them will provide little bit benefit.

The Power of Social Media Marketing

Social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter are still relatively new. While they seem to have been around forever owing to how simply ubiquitous they are today, they have in fact only been around for the last few years when you actually think about it. While they have found a very important place in our every day lives though, it seems that many people still aren’t really sure what they are, and many people aren’t really sure how to use them. This is more true for businesses and brands than any one else – here you have an incredibly powerful tool that you can use to reach and communicate with millions of people, and very few businesses are effectively using social media marketing. Here then we will look at why social media marketing is so powerful and how it can be used more effectively for companies.

For many organizations the number on way to promote themselves online is through SEO. Of course this has a great value as most people will still find what they are looking for online by going to Google and simply typing in a keyword. If your site comes up first? Well then that’s where they are going to go and you will likely reap the business.

However at the same time social media marketing fulfills a slightly different niche. You see to find something on Google you have to be looking for it, and even then you have to decide between a lot of competition. What social media marketing mimics however is word of mouth – allowing people to ‘spread the word’ on a good product or service through ‘liking’, ‘sharing’, ‘retweeting’ or whatever else, and to then let their friends know about it.

Many people in fact will check Facebook and Twitter before they go on Google. And often they won’t go on Google at all because they’re not looking for. They go online to use Facebook because of the powerful social draw it holds. This same power of sociability means that when their friends posts a link to a viral advert and seems to like it, or invites them to a group, they are far more likely to check it out or to join up. That then means that although they previously knew nothing about the company, they are willing to accept the advertizing and they have already seemingly received a recommendation for it by a friend.

And if that person then comments or makes a mention of something then they are very likely to share it as well. This then means that social network marketing has very much a snowball effect – the more people see your marketing efforts, the more it gets shared and the more other people see it. This gains momentum until the point where you are no longer doing any work to promote your item and it is still growing in recognition. This then is one of the strongest ways to strengthen your brand.

And this is more relevant now than ever with Google updates being designed to show rankings based less on keywords and more on recognizable brands, social data and real world cues. As Mark Zuckerberg predicted it seems the whole net is going global and its crucial to keep up.

Things Your Letterheads Can Do Without

Have you ever opened up a letter from a company and saw that the letterhead seemed to take up half of the page? Now, sometimes these letterheads have been quite interesting to look at, so I supposed the company managed to achieve something with that, but it still does not change the fact that the thing is so huge it looks out of place and odd.

For those getting letterhead printing done this is the first mistake I see a lot and something you should be mindful of. The best letterheads are the ones that are not necessarily that noticeable. They give their information without jumping out at a person, and they do not draw attention away from what the letter itself is about.

This can be particularly annoying if you are trying to have a serious correspondence and your letterhead is the most noticeable thing on the page. It takes attention away from the matter at hand and a person ends up spending a decent amount of time looking at your letterhead rather than what you wrote in the letter itself.

The next mistake is kind of the opposite, and this is where the letterhead is so plain and basic I question why they spent money on letterhead printing at all. If you are going to create a letterhead at least add to it some kind of distinctive visual element. This might have to do with adding your logo to the top of the page or this might have to do with using coloring that suits your company.

No matter what you pick just be sure that your letterhead has a purpose and is not just there to be there.

Continuing along this same path also consider what information is on your letterhead. I have seen both too much and too little information before. A letterhead is often going to have the basic contact information for your company, not unlike your business card. This is so someone can take just the letter itself and keep it with them. They do not have to save the envelope to see what your address is, and they have your phone number if they need it.

Some people just put way to much contact information on those letterheads and kind of bog down the page with it. Others do not put much of anything, limiting it to just a phone number and address. Do you have a fax number or cell phone number as well for people? Make sure you put all the important information there.

Letterhead printing should really be part of every company, and I would consider the last common mistake of letterhead printing to be not getting it at all. Every company is going to be sending out a lot of letters, and it does not take much to design an effective letterhead, and make sure everything you send out has your basic contact information and your company logo on it.