The Right Choice Of Color For Your Collaterals

The right colors do make a difference not only in your merchandise but on your marketing collaterals as well. Color gives your brochure printing for one, the look of elegance and value. While the wrong color can make it look unappealing and tacky, too much or too little of it can make your marketing brochures definitely look cheap.

Studies have shown time and again that the human eye is conditioned to recognize colors that look like they do not belong in the group. So if you want your brochure printing collateral to be effective, a more subdued palette would work better than a flashier one. In addition, you must be able to provide one that reflects your core brand. This means that if you are into children?s items for example, marketing brochures that have pastel colors in it will indeed appeal to the younger audience and of course, to their parents.

Although it is better to know the importance of your choice of colors, it is another story to choose and use shades to your advantage. To have the best colors in your marketing brochures to emphasize your brand is vital if you want to be effective. Here are a few suggestions then to turn what you know into definite actions that would make your palette more effective than ever:

Determine your choice according to your brand.

The color menu of your choice reflects your brand identity. And it is not something that you can have right away. The best way to go about it is to have repeated rounds of testing in your brochure printing to ensure that you have the most appropriate palette that will work for your image. If you are a traditional company then subdued color backgrounds and silhouette shots of your stuff can do very well in featuring them in your brochures and catalog printing. On the other hand, a much younger competitor may use a color design that exudes an edgier and hip look in their background and photos.

It should be consistent with your message.

Do not be tempted to use color just because you know for a fact that it makes your collaterals look more attractive. It is one thing to choose your colors; and it is another to adhere to the principle even if your choice does not add to your collaterals? effectiveness. This just means that you cannot choose your color on a whim. If it does not emphasize your message, do not use your color. And if it makes your products fade instead of stand out, definitely, you should select another palette. The key is to establish your shades with the main purpose of your collaterals in mind ? to sell.

The importance of white space.

?White space? is crucial in directing the eye flow in your marketing brochures. The element ensures that each of your products gets its fair share of attention. The ideal balance to your marketing collaterals is to have strong content along with a great design and graphics. When you break up your information into small chunks, you allow your readers to easily digest and understand what you are trying to say. How you position your graphics is as important as the way you write your copy. Do not put too much and too many that your readers would have a hard time getting to your message.

Using your colors effectively can keep your brochure printing consistent and fresh. Your choice of palette ensures that you provide a brand identity that your readers will be able to connect with, and at the same time, provide them with something that they would feel excited every time they see your collaterals.